About Us!

So glad you found Stealth Steel! 


We are small business running this out of our home!   We work odd hours, long hours and have a bunch of fun!  We have loved to watch this business grow and it is mostly impart to all of you.  Thank you for inspiring us, challenging us, and supporting us! 


We love partnerships, collaborations, fundraising and charity work.  We love supporting military families and other small businesses.  Have an idea to work with us? Shoot us a message at designs@stealthsteel.com


Kyle was active duty Air Force for 12 years flying the C-130J and then the B-2 Stealth Bomber.  Lauren's background was in Interior Design and Space Planning, transitioning to sales for interior products, marketing and sales support. Kyle now flies for UPS and we've put down roots with our 3 kids in Louisville, KY! 


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